Peter Worrall, Director of Worrall Moss Martin Lawyers, delivered a paper at the 2017 London Succession Law Conference on 6 September 2017.   The topic was solicitor’s duties to clients and beneficiaries when preparing Wills.  The invitation to speak at this conference, which is for senior people in this area of the law, came as a result of Peter’s long experience in preparing both straight forward and complex Wills, and his knowledge of Estate Planning law and techniques.

Peter spoke to over 40 trust and estate professionals about the importance of obtaining full instructions in preparing Wills, especially when clients request a “simple” Will, and the difficulties that clients’ families can experience when the “simple” Will leaves the estate vulnerable to Testator’s Family Maintenance Act (family provision) claims, and other claims by disappointed beneficiaries.  Those attending included two retired probate judges from interstate Supreme Courts and one current Judge from the Queensland Supreme Court.  There was also a number of Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel attending.

Peter’s presentation included

  • a detailed analysis of a lawyer’s role as the custodian and caretaker of a client’s testamentary intentions
  • the scenarios where conflict between lawyers who prepare Wills, and beneficiaries who stand to benefit from Wills, can arise, and drafting techniques to minimise conflict
  • the details and information to obtain from clients in order to prepare a Will that distributes an estate in accordance with a client’s intention, and the level of advice that clients, even clients requesting a “straight forward Will”, must be given in order to understand the effect or possible effect of their Will

Worrall Moss Martin Lawyers congratulates Peter for this significant achievement in delivering this conference paper to his peers.

You can see Peter’s full profile and contact him here.

For more information about this conference, or Peter’s paper, please contact us here, or by calling us on 03 6223 8899.

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