Peter Worrall and Sam McCullough as the Directors of Worrall Lawyers are pleased to announce the appointment of three additional lawyers to the firm from Monday 28 August 2017.

Our new lawyers are:

Each of Imogen, Alex and Cameron completed a period as Graduate Clerks with Worrall Lawyers, prior to their admission to legal practice in Tasmania.

Imogen Cook, B.Bus. LL.B. (Hons), is an estate planning, commercial and property lawyer working with Peter Worrall, Kimberley Martin, and David Bailey in our Estate Planning and Commercial & Property Law practice areas. She has an Honours degree in law, and is one of the “best and brightest” of the lawyers of her year.   Whilst undertaking a combined accounting and laws degree, Imogen was employed by an accounting firm specialising in insolvency, which led to Imogen developing a particular interest in asset protection and commercial law.   Imogen brings this interest and experience in those areas to her work at Worrall Lawyers and to our clients.   Her full profile and contact details can be accessed here.

Alex Cordova, B.Bus. LL.B., is a litigation lawyer working with Sam McCullough, Trevor McKenna, Kate Hanslow and Donna Woodleigh in the Estate & Trust Dispute and Family Law practice areas.   He is a key part of our team based approach to providing service to our clients involved in litigation matters. Alex has unparalleled enthusiasm for the law, and enjoys working alongside clients to plan and implement legal solutions that are right for them as individuals.  His full profile and contact details can be accessed here.

Cameron Topfer, B.Bus. LL.B. (Hons), is a commercial and property lawyer working with David Bailey, Peter Worralland Kimberley Martin and our team of lawyers and support staff in the Commercial & Property Law practice area. Cameron graduated with a major in International Business, as part of his Honours degree.  He maintains a keen interest in both domestic and international commerce.  His areas of interest include commercial transactions and the resolution of commercial disputes outside the Court process.   He is developing a strong practice in conveyancing and is strong in commercial negotiation and drafting documents. His full profile and contact details can be accessed here.