Jacquie works with clients to support them to resolve the difficult issues that can arise following a death.

Jacquie Goodwin B.A. LL.B. is a probate lawyer at Associate level.   She works with Kate Moss in the Estate and Trust Administration practice area of Worrall Lawyers, and with Peter Worrall when he is an Executor or Administrator of an estate.  Jacquie concentrates on providing advice to Executors and Administrators about their role and responsibilities, and providing high level services across all aspects of estate and trust administration.

Jacquie is a graduate of the University of Tasmania, and holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.   As part of her law degree she undertook studies in succession law, which is the area of practice which involves estate administration.   Since completing her formal studies all of her work experience has been with Worrall Lawyers within the Estate and Trust Administration practice area.

Jacquie enjoys the practical side of Estate Administration, including obtaining Grants of Probate as quickly as is reasonable in the circumstances, reporting regularly to clients and working with them to achieve the results that the person who has died would have wanted.  She recognises that the period after a death when the administration of an estate must be attended to, is a difficult time for families.   Jacquie works with them to support them to resolve the difficult issues that can arise following a death.

Recent projects have included

  • administering a contentious estate where a Testator’s Family Maintenance claim had been lodged in the Court disputing the amount that should be paid to a beneficiary
  • providing a full estate administration service where there was no local family, and the sole beneficiary resided overseas
  • advising an Executor about their duty as a Trustee of estate funds held on behalf of underage beneficiaries
  • working with clients and an estate accountant to wind up a Company upon the death of a Director
  • administering an estate where the paternity of a beneficiary was disputed, and as a result that person’s entitlement to a share in the estate was in question
  • estate property transactions, including complex transfers, transfers to beneficiaries pursuant to an option to purchase provided for in a Will, sales to a beneficiary where there are insufficient liquid estate assets, and drafting protective contracts for sale on behalf of Executors selling estate property

Jacquie is a member of the Law Society of Tasmania.

Jacquie is a strong contributor to the articles that appear in the Worrall Lawyers’ publication Estate Planning News Tasmania.

Prospective clients or other advisers working in the estate area, for example financial planners, accountants or professional trustees seeking to instruct Jacquie, or refer work to Jacquie, may contact her by the contact details and options on this page.


Professional Memberships:

Law Society of Tasmania

Contact Details:

03 62238899


By appointment only.